Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nescafe Classic Vietnamese Instant Coffee Big Red Review

This Vietnamese coffee from Nescafe is usually a great coffee usually asian versions of Nescafe is very yummy. Though vietnamese coffee is usually never sweet its always bitter. I know just only black coffee is bitter.

I usually never drink vietnamese coffee unless my mom makes it in the morning. I have tons of different vietnamese brand of coffee. I put creamer in it so it became light brown its much better after my first initial taste before i added anything else. Even if i am chinese/vietnamese i cant read but i know how much water to put as much as i want because i love coffee.

Before anything cut the package open this is instant coffee so just pour it in the cup than add water. The smell of the coffee aroma is wonderful I love vietnamese or just coffee smell

There is 15 sticks in the box

If you want to try look at the link below and check it out it wont hurt to try! If you dont like bitter coffee you can add sugar or sweetener in it!!

I got this free to review and try and give my honest own opinions on it!!