Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lumsing USB Wall Charger 4-Port 21W Multi-Port Charger Review

Lumsing USB Wall Charger 4-Port 21W Multi-Port Charger for Samsung galaxy, ipad, iphone 

I joined Lumsing review program so i can review their products and they have a facebook page where they do giveaways. I really wanted to win a product but did not have a chance to so when they made a review program i joined and got accepted and picked this Lumsing USB wall charger. 

So I got this free to test and try out and give my honest unbiased opinons. This charger is gray the one I got there are different colors I will leave a link under the pictures later.

I have travel chargers that has one or two usb port but I wanted one where i can charge a lot more so i should have gotten the one i saw for more usb ports lol but i got this one with 4 instead. This works really well. Its small and light weight portable wall charger. I have an samsung galaxy tablet and phone and another zte phone and it charges all of them.

Its just too bad that i didnt look at the options otherwise i would gotten the wires too but i was too fast and got one that doesn't.

The texture is pretty like i got the 21w intellegent

So check them out on facebook and join their review program or check out the link to the product

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