Saturday, May 28, 2016

Yuhan Pretty 6pcs Packing Cubes Set Travel Luggage Organizer Bag 3 Cubes 3 Pouches Review

This company Yuhan emailed me in my personal emails so I never had any other contact with them  before they emailed me to review their packing cubes. These basically were not my style the design and picture but I got them anyways because the blue dot one were the only ones that were ok for me. These have 3 pouches for laundry, but basically I wont be using them for laundry, but shoes and other things. Laundry bag is too small. The other three bags the bags are ok not great quality, but ok quality. The zippers are not that easy to open, easy to close. This one is fully see through mesh that is something that I don't like. I like it to be either halfway or on the bottom half or top half but not all mesh on top. The zippers are made from nylon its ok and plastic pulling head. It is also waterproof. These are plastic so which is why it's ok, but not that great.

I was giving a discount in exchange for a review to try and give my honest unbiased opinions, personally i am giving this to anyone in my family that want these since they dont have it. If you are interested the link to the product is below.

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