Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Night Light Table LED Lamp- Micro Landscape Design-Touch To Control Review

I got this from  a seller in my emails that ask me to try this out in exchange for my honest opinions. These i saw was cute so i chose it. Inside is a animal design it has calm and soothing light if you are scare at night or if your kid is scared of night and having this in the bedroom would be good for them.

You can turn it on and it will turn on or you can turn on and you can use your hands to tap it to many different settings 3 modes  middle, bright and low It has a usb charge

I chose a blue one so its pretty cute the lights are pretty you can put it anywhere in the house either for bedroom or for when you want to read.

It came with a gift bag so if you want to gift it to someone with a kid or baby you can do that.

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