Thursday, August 6, 2015

Snuggle Den Snuggle Bear Review

So I am a member of Snuggle Den Community its like Smiley360 and My mission that i got this time was a snuggle bear stuffed toy. I received this free in exchange for my honest opinions!

My mission was to take it him/her with me to have fun but the only fun place i went to was at the doctor's office so that is where i took him.

While waiting to go in for my appointment we were sitting outside in the lobby.

while in the room waiting for the nurse to come in waiting to do more paperwork

waiting for doctors and nurse to come in, snuggle bear exploring

still waiting for 30 minutes for the doctor to come in, sitting on the um bed?

If you want to have missions like this go join Snuggle Den Community and do surveys and get missions like these. It's very fun and its not hard to do these missions and you get rewards for doing it too for some.

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