Friday, August 28, 2015

Foxnovo Selfie Stick Review

I got a email one day a week ago from Foxnovo asking if I would be interested in reviewing their selfie Stick so I looked at their link on amazon and it was from Hong Kong based I immediately said sure since something from Hong Kong you know. I got this at a discounted rate so these are my honest and unbiased opinions of this brand of Selfie Stick.

Selfie Stick

This is just a black handle here and it has a plug into your iphone or android no need for battery. It has a button to click on to take pictures and it extends to 88 cm with different angles.

I turned it on extended it and use one of my brother's Iphone just to record not take any pictures but it turned out good. Good picture shot good recording clear picture.

I took a picture from my digital camera and showing you how it works and i didnt press down on the button or anything and I must have and on my brother's phone the next day it had taken about 215 pictures of myself.  It is that good.

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