Thursday, December 17, 2015

Crowdtap Mission Sweet N Low Try and Review

So I got this from Crowdtap Sweet N Low mission and got accepted got it to try and make different recipes with it. I made vietnamese coffee as i love coffee so sweet n low, In the past two years i havent used it in a while because i use others, but since i had the free chance why not!? I dont hate it i like it.
In this kit i got a lot of packets of sweet n low, and a little wallet pouch to keep it in if i do take it with me on the go and two recipes.

I use condense milk, i use unsweet milk, and sweet n low two packs of it and cafe viet coffee pack for one of my recipe

Final Product

I shared with my family the sweet n Low packets they made different packs of vietnamese coffee and ice tea. I talked to about 20 people about on my social medias sites and said that i got this free to try and voice my honest opinions. If you liked to try products and voice your opinions go join crowdtap and do polls and missions and you will get to apply for a lot of different missions crowdtap

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