Sunday, November 23, 2014

Freebies samples and Items bought 11/17-/11/22/2014

This week's freebies and wins on Monday i recived Nature Box samples and Yogi tea samples nothing special about that lol, but the Nature box samples is from Australia if you are not familiar with them. I am excited for that.

 On Tuesday my Smiley360 samples to review for free came in and the Nescafe coffeemate came in that I applied for I received the Original flavor and some coupons I like it so much that will will get the other flavors. smiley 360. The salada green tea sample i haven't tried yet but I will. The 2nd thing i am excited about is the SK-II sample i got. It is the Facial Treatment Essance.  This is really good I will definitely buy this soon.

On Thursday i received the Pinchme Box sample of American Crew Power Cleanser style remover for your hair. I dont know how to use it so i will save it till I have time for it. I got my hello kitty Rinestones necklace from Amazon for free with free shipping for 2.68 with my amazon card. I love it!! It is a tad big large, but it is fine! pinchme

On Friday I received my Skinny Cow lunchbag that I redeemed from my points on there its cute. Than my halloween candy from came in when i got chosen. This was a great mail day! I also got my Tellwut $10 amazon giftcard that I redeemed.tellwut . Tellwut is another survey site to to get points to get giftcards and what not. It is one of the sites I love to use. skinny cow it is easy to get points to redeem prizes like I did they have a lot of cute stuff on there.

On Saturday i got the Always pads and I got the free sample from Nutrex. That is all of my freebies and samples and prizes I had for the week of November 17th to the 22nd.

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