Saturday, October 11, 2014

Product i dont like. Shopping at dollar tree, rite aid, target for week of 10/6-10/12/14

One of the product that i have won from a youtuber E.L.F cream eyeliner it was in my posts in the pictures  I haven't tried it, its a win but i will have to go see at stores or online or from other youtubers if this falls out of the container.

Beauty products I bought this week is not too much it was bought from Rite Aid and brand is Chapstick i used a coupon for it it was the mixstix  Lemon Berry Sorbet. i usually dont buy chapstick, I usually dont buy chapstick but since i had a coupon i did it works well

I went to dollar tree and bought Brims brand of food I seen youtubers buy the Brims Popcorn or cheesy balls so i just got the cheesy balls since i bought popcorn elsewhere. I have to say each time i go to this one dollar tree the box i wanted it is always on top shelf and i really cant reach it so i got one on the most lower shelf which has 2 for 1 dollar. I use my 1.00 off from Turkey Hill they sent me coupons after i emailed them complimenting their drinks and products and they sent me a about 7 coupons so i used it at dollar tree making it free!! I also got the File envelope that people were hauling at Dolllar Tree.

Target i went to use coupons too and bought a lot of organic food no makeup this time though i was tempted to get more E.L.F  The only place i forgot to go was CVS and Walgreens i had coupons and my card had things in that was going to expire today 10/11/14 but because i didnt have time after i went to the Health department i didnt end up going i went to the new regrand opening of Farm Fresh i feel as though they remodel every two years lol.

I would go out next week but because My printer is itching on my nerves because the ink wont fit as usual i have to try it a few times to make it fit even though i have coupons in my wallet I still need more

My mail samples and freebies will be in another post.

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