Sunday, January 25, 2015

Freebies samples and Wins 1/12 to 1/24

I didnt post last weekend for my freebies because i didnt have a lot so posting it on this weeks so i received from smiley360 Seeds of Change coupons a tote bag etc. and than from Crowdtap Neutrgena makeup the review for the makeup was already posted a few posts below.

Using my coupons i recieved from Kings Hawaiian for free Bread, rolls etc and use my coupon for Seeds of change and use free coupon for Edible arrangements for a free pineapple pop i went grocery shopping and those are what i got there will be a haul on that i think it is in my youtube channel already.

My Mycokerewards instant win Mcdonalds win arch card for 10 dollars.

the Pineapple pop

For This one i went on Amazon to write a review on a Maple Holistics product that i already had tried and received a free product in exchange and I chose the Hydrate I used it twice on my head and it feels so good 

Here is close up of the seeds of change item i got 

Free samples of Loreal

My win for the football kickoff  for Free Lays stax coupon

Coupons I received for writing emailing companies. I emailed Maruchan ramen and Nissin Ramen but Nissin didnt say they would send coupons but Marchan said they will and I emailed Johnsonville and received coupons because when Crowdtap was doing that mission i didnt get in so thought i would email and compliment them. I got Mr. Rogers Freedom Clip for keurig which i dont have and some coffee samples

If you just perduecrew and get people to click for you to get points and referrals you get top and at end of each month you will get a reward. Mine was a $ 15 free one perdue oven ready product. I had another coupon which was lower 

I bought this one off amazon with my survey money with giftcards. the spray

I bought this blouse which open slit back its sexy and thought i would buy it.

I won tetley tea for my post of selfie tea and so got free coupon and Niveia samples and bought two hanes tshirt off Amazon again free using my amazon giftcards.

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