Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jar Lid Opener,YTFGGY Verloble Grippers Review

I got this to review for 99 cents used but it came looking new to review I don't mind it as it looks like it wasn't even used  I got this jar lid opener from YTFGGY grippers because my mom and I have a hard time open jars and water bottle lids. My mom has arthritis in her hands so she doesnt have the strength to even open jar lids or bottle lids she always ask me to open them for her sometimes I can open, sometimes I can't.

So even older people who are 60 years of age can use them or even young ones can use them

She has not tested it out yet because I have to test it out so I just got done tested it out I use the largest circle to open a jar at first i did it wrong because it won't open as I turned, but I flipped it over tried again and it opened and made that lid popping noise when it's open.

This is very high quality, very durable it is made out of high quality plastic and rubber. It fits in your hands real well and it not bulky at all.

You don't really need to use that much strength at all to open it with the gripper, you can take it with you to travel on the roads if you want if you like for camps to other peoples houses.

I got the blue one the link if you want to check it out is above

use this side up to open the jar lid

after i opened the jar

still gripping the lid here so it holds well after

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