Sunday, March 1, 2015

Freebies samples and etc 2/21/to 2/28/15

I received this week some coupons when i contacted Simply Asia for compliments and got sent coupons and than i got some planner for Tennesee and I got my 2nd freebie jewerly from Liquidation channel and than U Kotex samples and than from Sample Source Prilosec. Than some rations for emergency food. 

This is a big win from Rigoni Di Asiago i got those good spreads to put on bread or anything like that I won a cap and apron along with it. Than more oils from I love Essential Oils Just sign up for their email and you may win check them out on facebook

Snuggle Bear Community snuggle den i got picked or i got accepted for Snuggle booster lavender smell and put into your washing machine. It smells really dang good So go find snuggle den on google and join and you will get products to review. Amazon deals i got was one from Toilettree that is already reviewed from last post so check out the 2nd to the before post and than i got the Iphone arm wear band i got it off one of the amazon deals in the amazon groups i am in.

I won this off of NEEBO which is if you go google it is all textbooks and stuff i won off their instant win game and got this inflatable boom box

This i got tim tams red velet, caramel and white chocolate off on amazon all bought with giftcards White chocolate is delicious. Lays Cream Cheese and salmon chips i got with my points on but using points to get things off amazon  These are not bad but it doesnt really taste like cream cheese or salmon but more like bbq

This is from Splashscore where you get your rating points high from likes and comments off your facebook i won or may not won i dont know cuz i didnt receive any coupons along with it like everyone else or a I won something like that.

I won Ocean Naturals skipjack tuna from facebook 2nd win from i think not too sure. Than i got Pasta from www, where you apply to get products to review and this is hemisphere i night be spelling that wrong but it will be in Kroger stores and than i got Dr. Lin face wipes the 1st time leaked so i told them and replaced them. I got alaska planner for when you travel. I got Provovite samples its 1st time they are starting out so i was first batch of people to get it March they are doing a sample thing again so i might have to go it since this one leaked everywhere in the box and told them about it

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