Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ORGANIC Japanese Green Tea Matcha, "Komakai" or"Drinking Quality and Organic Goldenberries Review

So my other product to review from Kazu Trading Corporation was the Organic Japanese Green Tea Match. Komakai. These were free product to me in exchange for an honest amazon review.

The Link is here

When the package came it was in a nice package it was powedered when i touch it firm and etc. I opened it up and the powder is fine, very green. I love green tea so trying another brand I wanted to see the different. I poured 1 teaspoon of it into my cup and it came out very dark green lol.I would think it would be bitter but it was nice. It more flowerly and the powder was gone in seconds. This is organic but the other green tea were also organic. Which doesn't matter this is really good I only put it to drink as tea for now but eventually make other drinks of sort.

It came with a ziplock it says after openeing to put it in the refridgerator but i do not think that would be necessary to do that as i think the ziplock will make it fresh.

Here it is totally dark green i dont add anything into my green teas no sugar no honey nothing i straight up drink it like that Love this tea i may order more next time when i run out.

i also picked these Organic Goldenberries never had i had these oragnic dried food. I had something dried fruit for asian fruits but they were good. These were als ogood and its tart but sweet too. I have never liked goldenberries but this makes me like it though i wont be able to finish the whole bag because than it will make my stomach turn.

These are all products of Peru

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